Natalia Shafeeva

Author of travel guides and founder of Agenda Travel project.

Hello everyone and welcome to my self-travel library!

Do you no longer want to stay in one hotel for a whole vacation? Do you want to travel and see new places? You don’t just want to see new places, but you want to see all the most beautiful, iconic, yet unique and colorful ones? And you don’t want to read 100 pages of travel guides! And you do not want to spend a lot of time looking for interesting locations on the Internet… You won’t be disappointed if you choose Agenda as your guide!
Agenda is your timetable and your travel itinerary, where each day is planned out. Unlike other guidebooks, which list all the attractions of a city, region or country, Agenda offers only a selection of the best, a real plan for each day. It tells you about the sights along the way, not forgetting to feed you at the best restaurants, treat you at the best bars, and point you to the best locations for your travel photos.
At the end of each guide there is information and links for planning your trip, including information about airports and how to get to the city, local bus schedules or subway maps, contacts of various companies for entertainment and generally anything else you might need for a trip to the chosen city or region.
My collection of travel guides is constantly being updated with new destinations. I hope that one day you will find your desired destination in my library too!

I wish you bright and memorable travels!

An “agenda” is a guidebook that provides routes through the most interesting places, information about the facilities, their opening hours and costs, links to cafes, restaurants and anything else worthy of your attention.


Agenda guide is easy and convenient to download to your mobile device and use regardless of Internet access.



Agenda guide is on average 10 pages long. It’s short, succinct and interesting. You don’t need to go through hundreds of pages to cover the route.


Low price

You won’t find a cheaper guide, because I write all of my findings myself and I do not need to maintain a staff of authors, marketers, designers and assistants. Agenda Travel is my personal startup and its goal is to offer a cool trip to everyone.


Time Savings

You don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for places, addresses and other information. You can leave your time for more enjoyable activities.



You can be sure you’ll get the best out of your trip, seeing all the beauty and things worth seeing.

Agenda guide is suitable for everyone regardless of gender, age, height or religion. It is for those who want to see the most interesting things and eat the most delicious. For those who do not mind saving money on something, and somewhere, on the contrary, to afford more than usual.

Save it on your phone or print it out. At the beginning of each day of the Agenda guide there is a large map of the route with a link to Yandex.Maps or Google.Maps, where the route is laid out by streets, and a QR code is also given. For your convenience an enlarged fragment of the map is attached to each point of the route, so even if you don’t have internet on the trip, you will still know where to go. Also, for offline navigation, download the app and download the maps in advance.


The most important: you shouldn’t try to walk the route from start to finish by all means, since it is designed for a full day and a fairly fast pace. Don’t forget that the main thing in a trip is to relax and have fun, to enjoy the process no matter how many places you have time to visit.

Agenda guides

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